Tennis is a lifetime sport. Whether your child is brand new to the game or is match-ready, Elevation will give them the tools for perpetual improvement and enjoyment. Our tennis lessons, clinics and camps feature the latest teaching methods, with an emphasis on overall wellness and positive reinforcement. Our elite tennis professionals focus on fun, safety and learning, and we place a Red Cross-certified coach at each location to ensure a safe, supportive environment for players at every level.

The Elevation programs are customized across three age groups, for children ages 3 – 13:

Tiny Tots (Ages 3 – 4 ½ years)

Our Tiny Tots programs introduce your child to the basics of the sport through a variety of tennis-based games that keep the “fun” in fundamentals instruction, with a focus on strokes, grip and footwork. Our Tiny Tots learn the joy and value of conscientious competition while absorbing basic tools to succeed on and off the court. No experience is required at the Tiny Tots level – and Elevation provides age-appropriate equipment.

Mighty Juniors (Age 5 – 8 years)

Mighty Juniors is about general coordination – the program builds on the essentials learned in Tiny Tots, progressing to technique refinement and creating a sound foundation for and muscle memory of the basic grips, strokes, footwork and competitive experience. Our Mighty Juniors program is appropriate for the beginner to advanced beginner. As appropriate, Elevation will work with parents to determine if a player should be early-advanced to the Heavy Hitters division.

Heavy Hitters (Age 9 - 13)

Our Heavy Hitters division readies players with moderate or better skill for match play and tournaments. The Elevation program culminates in the subtleties of tennis: strokes, spins, placement, strategy, opponent analysis, etc. Players will graduate with the tools to continue advancing competitively or just enjoy a lifetime of skilled tennis play.

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